About Us

It is one of the classic locals of Ampuero, located in front of the Church of Santa María. Las Peñas reopens its doors this time with Erika Domínguez and Eduardo Alemán. With more than 18 years between kitchens, Michelin stars, hotels and inns, they decide to bet together on a project full of roots.


The gastronomic proposal, inspired by Galician origins and the Cantabrian experience, results in a look into the past where the sea takes center stage without detracting from the mountains. An offer in which dishes such as octopus with rosemary smoke stand out.

A space divided between the bar and the restaurant, two areas coexist in the best way with a special charm that represents the clubs of the place.


The bar has a modern and industrial decoration, an L-shaped bar of approximately 5 meters, 5 tables for up to 4 diners for snacks and 7 tables outside to have a drink in the most informal way, from a delicate coffee accompanied by some of the cakes or cupcakes made at home, even a portion of octopus with a craft beer.

The winery begins as a small project that from the beginning seeks not to leave anyone indifferent, limiting without detracting from the number of more classic and well-known references, to reserve space for proposals that are somewhat more original or less accessible in the area. With time, the idea is to have the best regions in the world.

The dining room, designed for more copious or formal meals, is characterized by the natural light that floods it through the large windows and the tranquility evoked by sitting at the foot of the Vallino River. It has 8 exclusive tables, so it is advisable to make a reservation in advance so as not to run out of a table.


Ampuero is in turn the capital of the municipality. It is located on the banks of the Ason River, 11 meters above sea level. From the capital and crowning the views from our dining room, the church of Santa María (16th-17th century) stands out, which was declared an Asset of Local Interest in 2002, and the festivities of La Virgen Niña declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in the year 1993.